• A complete evaluation and strategic advice on renting your property

  • A thorough market analysis of current rental rates in your area

  • Screening prospective tenants using credit checks, employment verification, references, and interviewing previous landlords

  • Advertising your property for rent on a variety of websites popular with tenants

  • Show your property to prospective tenants, conduct a move-in inspection, collect a security deposit, and sign a lease

  • Collect rent on monthly basis

  • Deal with tenant issues, including maintenance and repairs

  • Emergency 24-hour service

  • Detailed monthly statements of your property

  • Conduct move-out reports, refund security deposits, and get ready for your next tenant

  • Issue eviction notices and assist in legal proceedings when necessary


  • Monthly property income statement

  • Owners draw report

  • General Ledger report (detailed transactions list)

  • Other reports as necessary for the management of the project

  • Tenant roll


  • Rental application forms

  • Occupancy lease agreements

  • Move-in / Move-out inspection report forms

  • Notice to vacate forms

  • Supervise and administer insured losses