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Condominium Management and Board of Directors: This Is What We Can Do For You

Our experienced condominium managers have the specialized knowledge needed to provide your Board of Directors with insightful support and guidance for condominium projects in the Edmonton area. When you hire us for your condominium management, we make it easy for you in every way. We start with an initial assessment that does not cost you any money. As a matter of fact, our first few meetings are free until a contract is signed.

Please email us for a copy of our condominium proposal.

At our initial meetings, we show you our processes, our methods and what we can do with your condominiums. This initial period allows us to understand what your needs are and affords us the time to inspect your property. We discuss the urgent matters regarding your condo building and the solutions we proffer for dealing with the situation at hand. We have been in this business for several years. We understand the complicacies of this business and we are able to deliver what you need. We understand your needs as a condominium owner. Our property managers are available seven days a week and twenty-four hours a day. They have assistants who help the property managers with their phone calls and administrative tasks so they can focus on managing your condominium to the best of their abilities.

Please email us for a copy of our condominium proposal.

Our back end is well resourced as we are invested in property management software that keeps us up to date and in the loop with every aspect of your business. Our knowledge and technical know how will save you money in the long run and give you peace of mind as we are experts in this field and we know what to do. In addition to this, we are up to date with the legalities surrounding condominiums. We have policies for every imaginable contingency. We also have at hand solutions that save money and create efficiency for you. We will give to you at the end of the month, detailed and specialised financial statements. Transparency and integrity is at the heart of every thing we do. We also create newsletters and magazines for condominium residents quarterly.

Please email us for a copy of our condominium proposal.

Furthermore, as part of our work, we work with Board of Directors in achieving their short term and long-term goals for their condominium management. We schedule meetings once a month with the Board, providing minutes of the meeting within the next twenty-four hours. We have an inhouse maintenance and security department should the condominiums need janitorial services and digital security support.

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