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7 Top Tips To Improve Your Rental Properties

Rental properties must be seen as investment. It follows that any actions or in-actions improves or reduces the value of the property. Here are our top tips:

1. Inspect the Property:

It Is best that you are up to date with the condition of your properties. Does it need new flooring? Is the paint looking tired and worn out? Does it smell of smoke and pets from previous tenants? Is the washing machine and other electrical appliances working? Most tenants will keep the property in great shape but accidents do happen if they have children or pets. You want to keep on top of this by conducting inspections every six months as a matter of routine administration. At Divine Property Management, we conduct inspections regularly to make sure tenants are keeping the properties in good condition and order.

2. Keep Tenants In the Property:

It makes sense doesn't it that occupied rentals will bring you more income than when its left unoccupied? Unless, it is your country home in Malibu and you choose to rent it out three months in the year because you and your friends vacation there six months of the year.

3. Keep Your Costs Down:

If you have a property management company, make sure they charge you a low amount monthly. Divine Property Management charges you a low fixed fee monthly to look after your properties. They leave you happier and better of each month.

4. Improve The Appearance of the Property:

If the lawn in front of the property looks unkempt and over grown, people will be turned off the property. This is just common sense. Take the time to have the lawn mowed, replace the mailbox and the address numbers if you need to. The idea is if the visuals are great, potential tenants will choose your property within the first ten seconds of setting their sights on your property.

5. Invest in a good camera:

In renting out your properties, make sure you make the most of all the online platforms like Kijiji and Craigslist. Sometimes, you need to spend money to make money. Advertise the property in places where they can be rent out quickly. Also, you need to think about the quality of the pictures. If your images look dark and tired, people wont be interested in renting it. Make sure your pictures are sharp and filled with light. Dark and gloomy rooms are uninviting.

6. Finally, when you are showing the house for prospective tenants, make sure it smells nice and it is well lit. Do your home work, if there are loose threads on the floor or hazards would you rent there? If the answer is no, then, make sure the bulbs are working and there is an air fresheners in the unit so the place smells nice when you are showing it to potential applicants.

7. Screen Your Potential Tenants: It is better for your property to sit vacant than to rent it out to a bad tenant. Screen, screen and screen. Let this be your rule. Take the time to find the best tenants for your properties. Screen for eviction notices. Also be wary of those who have no credible source of income. Experience has shown us that over time, they are worth more than the hassle. To be safe, make sure you check for criminal records and credit references. We have found that tenants with landlord and employment references do better than those with little or no references. Call our team. We take the hassle out of your search for the best tenants. Visit our website now for more information:

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