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People are the key to our company's success. Divine Property Management Ltd. is a healthy place to work. We provide a creative and professional atmosphere that is fun to be associated with. Of more importance, the atmosphere created, causes staff to strive and take that extra step that is necessary, to meet the objectives of Divine Property Management Ltd. clients.

Our Management Team is prepared to handle all of your needs, whether your property is well maintained, requires immediate Capital planning, has accounting issues to resolve, or is simply in need of qualified personnel on site with attention to detail.


At Divine Property Management Ltd. We bring an investment property from level zero income producing property to the highest level of return on investment to ownership over a period of time.

Proper management techniques will enhance the value of the Real Estate through higher occupancy ratios, reduced turnover, reducing and controlling operating expenses, and lengthening the economic life of the property. These factors combined, pay off to ownership in bottom-line performance.


A professional Property Management Company like ours makes good business sense. the skills, information and background knowledge required to make sound Property Management decisions that increase an Investors and/or owners earnings and mitigate harmful effects on the future property operations.




Vision Statement

Continue to provide a profitable, professional and hands-on Property Management experience to property Owners, tenants and the Property Management community as an innovative and experienced Property Manager. To provide uncompromised service to the client and the tenant by respecting and treating the customer as a partner, and by so doing satisfying the needs of the tenant, to meet the goals and objectives of the client and the staff member.


Mission Statement:



1. To provide quality and professional management service to our clients.

2. To view the tenant as the client's customer and to treat the tenant as a partner in terms of satisfying their needs and wants.

3. As a Professional Property Management company to provide the Property Owner with the best possible net return in a manner consistent with the Owners objectives.

4. To meet the goals and objectives of our clients as an investor in the real estate industry.

5. To create a rewarding corporate culture that causes employees to take the extra step necessary to meet the objectives of the client.