Condominium Property Management



At Divine Property Management Ltd. Customers and "Clients" express appreciation for our Management Services in several areas; including:

  • Strong and effective communications with the Board of Directors

  • Financials: We supply accurate records on time Monthly Management Report (summary), Monthly Financial Statements, Monthly Variance Report, Monthly Arrears Statement and Collections Update / pursue the appropriate course of action

  • Prepare fee roll report and mail delinquency notices

  • supervise the purchase, in the name of the corporation and Prepare cheques for disbursement upon the instruction of the board

  • Prepare Annual budget proposal with consideration of possible long-term expenses to the corporation

  • Prepare corporation's employee’s Payroll

  • Prepare Capital Reserve account recommendations for Board of Directors

  • Well trained knowledgeable staff, with a strong support team and Senior Management available to resolve issue

  • Prepare and mail assessment notices

  • Offer pre-authorized debit services under the corporation's name to owners for the payment of condominium fees


Maintenance & Repairs:


  • provide the highest level of service and satisfaction to our clients and reduce the contractor charges for regular and preventative maintenance tasks, along with emergency response procedures that can be performed by maintenance staff.

  •  Securing contracts for maintenance work

  • Facilitate the acquisition and installation of equipment, supplies, and material needed for regular maintenance as required, upon the direction of the board

  •  Arrange for fire equipment inspection through accredited agencies

  • Preventative inspections by professionals when/if needed for common areas

  • Provide feedback and assist in implementing contract requirements

  • On-site management and supervision of major contract work and update PM on progress and developments insure all safety protocols are implemented and enforced.

  • Obtain and analyze bids for insurance coverage as necessary and recommend changes and amendments

  • Organize and prepare the Annual General Meeting which includes the compilation and preparation of notices, previous minutes, financials/year-end audit, proxies, ballots, agendas, and owner list

  • Prepare and mail assessment notices to owners

  • Maintain for the Corporation a complete set of files including the by-laws, plans and specifications, insurance policies, correspondence, invoices, and all other relevant documents received

  • Contract review, on site inspections and sign off prior to payment release

  • Monitor service contracts for Mechanical, Elevators, Fire safety and alarms to ensure that contractors are completing the work and maintaining regular service logs

  • Assist in the enforcement of the Corporation By-laws

  • Prepare appropriate documents to notify Alberta Land Titles office of board member changes

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